Transpole increases its fees

Publié le 12 June 2009

As of 1st June, Transpole has increased the price of its tickets, after a 3-year steady price. The last increase dates back to the year 2006, which was of 2.2% This year, we have +3%. So this is a quite reasonnable increase regarding that it stands for a 3-year time frame.

Let’s hope that they won’t start a yearly increase of the prices. Currently the metropolitan area of Lille is one of many that give the cheapest prices for its urban transportation network. If you compare with other cities that have a similar network (equipped with a subway, a tramway and having quite the same dimensions), it is the cheapest one !

Prices policy is an important part of the success of a transportation network and this is why we will come back onto this topic in a near future on

Here you can find the new fees with a reminder of the former ones plus the amount of the increase.

ONE-WAY TICKET : 1,30 EUR (1,25 avant ; +4%) 10 ONE-WAY TICKETS : 10,60 EUR (10,30 ; +2.91%) WEEKLY TICKET : 11,40 EUR (11,20 ; +1.79%) MONTHLY TICKET : 42 EUR (41 ; +2.44%) RECURRING MONTHLY TICKET : 40,10 EUR (39,10 ; +2.56%) "ZAP" TICKET (3 inter-stations) : 0,65 EUR (0,60 ; +8.33%)

Other titles do exist, but we can’t list all of them. You can find them all on Transpole’s web site.

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